Thursday, May 29, 2014

News from Murmansk, Russia

At first, I thought the following to be from The Onion, the online humorous and satirical publication of society and current events. Best I can tell, however, it seems genuine.

There was a circus bus in Murmansk. There was a 6 ½-foot crocodile. The circus features a crocodile in one of its performances, perhaps something crazy like putting your head between the jaws of a crocodile.  The bus hit a pothole. A 264- pound woman accountant was sent flying (some pothole!). She landed on top of Fyodor, the previously mentioned crocodile.

Fyodor was sick after being body checked, and he missed his next circus appearance. Medical authorities evaluated Fyodor for injuries. He was thought to have symptoms of shock, but this was unconfirmed because – you now – Fyodor is a crocodile and cannot speak.

The woman accountant was reprimanded and told to wear her seatbelt in the future.

And there was the news on May 22, 2014, from Murmansk, Russia.

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