Saturday, February 15, 2014

IRS Does Not Want You To Call Next Week

So I am reading the following headline:

      IRS Asks Taxpayers to Resist Calling Next Week

I am wondering when our tax system became a Saturday Night Live skit.

The IRS does have a point. Next week includes Presidents Day and is usually one of the busiest weeks for the IRS phone lines.

The IRS wants people to instead to visit the website and take advantage of the online tools there.

I try to be sympathetic – I truly do. However I cannot help reflect that we never see the following headlines:

Chick fil-A Asks Customers To Stay Away

Apple Has Nothing To Sell You

Honda Asks Potential Buyers Not To Visit Dealerships

Why the difference between the government and an actual-operating-accountable- produce-something-legitimate-or-we-go-out-of-business company?

If you even have to ask ….

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